wind-blooded half-elf, swift & cautious


Character Physical Description: Before you stands a lithe young half-elf, gaze serene & wondering. His pupils are twilit lapis & gold, almost patterned like a butterfly’s wings. From his head, against his almond skin, abundant chocolate curls & wild braids twist & flow in some perpetual breeze. It is as if he resides in slow-motion within a personal silent wind, its intensity increasing in step with his emotions, though it is never still. (Extreme anger or sorrow would have cyclone-strength whipping about his hair & clothing, unfelt & unheard by others). His skin is quite cool to the touch, but again, intense emotion (anger, sorrow, ecstasy) can heat it up to 10 degrees or cool it the same amount.
Earrings of purple charoite hang to his jawline. Black hematite & hemp rope bracelets cling slackly to a slender wrist. He dyed his self-made clothing a bluish purple with blackberries. It hangs & drapes wildly as a skirt, almost sarong-like (sometimes as loose harem- or rai- style pants), from his waist to his calves, leaving his torso mostly exposed, or loosely curtained in fabric. Save the chance of cold weather, the rest of any textile is free & open. His feet, when not bare, are covered in boots he crafted of wrapped rope & cloth.
With unplanted grace, a resilient ebony feather tied into his hair calls your attention back. He tilts his head generously & smiles.

Character Background: Zabei is not originally from Archon Bay. He was born to a forest elf with some exposure to pure raw primal elemental energy, & it resulted in his birth-affinity for magic, & relation to the wind & air. His parents did not live together, though they had tried. His human father (a ranger) left shortly after conception because he was a confused man, torn between what a belief system-organization told him was right, & his tangibly true love for Naladha Teohuican (Zabei’s mother – a druid). He was scared but did come back to visit when his natural self shone through. Several attempts to make it work finally resulted in him leaving the suffocating organization. He changed his name to Elalarn & remained with the forest elf & their son, living among the trees until he died at 43 when Zabei was 11. It’s been guessed that perhaps Naladha knew Elalarn was going to die from some heart condition that Nature could not cure, & she did love him deeply. But death is a part of life & there is no way she or Zabei would want to bring him back.
Zabei learned much from his mother & lived in harmony with the natural land, looking at everything as One, everyone as related. He saw many magical beasts & animals, & realized Nature’s creations could be infinite. At 20 he fell in love with a friend he’d grown up with named Fann. Fann was a forest elf. They could not be separated until Fann was killed in Zabei’s 23rd year (haven’t figured how yet), & it shook him with sorrow. He grieved him, & eventually left the forest, to see the world Fann had always said had no end.
Zabei sees much wisdom in dreams. After Fann’s death, Zabei’s sleeping-sight swirled with visions of foreign places, cities, people. A cave… Adventurers… It is for this reason (seeing these people & places in his dreams) that he rushed to join them as well, seemingly with little hesitation. He trusts his dreams & his intuition, & the former had been showing him these faces for so long.


Taliesin Hinhan