Lots of death.. (10.9.10)

(I wrote this really short. Maybe you can write a better one, I., since I don’t know X. From X’s view or something?)

from Zabei’s view.

Omerc & Zabei & the 4 Ivy Crown companions were in camp one day, within the week following where we left off. A half-orc wererat chieftain of some sort came upon the encampment/fort with his 50+ troops/followers.

We were almost instantly attacked. Omerc said he’d buy us time, & the 4 companions & I ran. One of the Ivy companions, named Nibel, atop his horse White Pearl, dashed off. Retka & I escaped, running at top speed in the same direction, while the other two companions were chopped down like straw. I’m not sure what became of Omerc. I fear for him but I did not look back. Hopefully we can find him.

As Retka & I were running, nearing the river (a few miles away), we heard a great thrashing about behind us. I sent word on the wind to the shore (hoping to catch the ear of a reptilian) & spun around, as Retka continued on. The half-orc from earlier was running, so fast, & I shouted in common: “I’m sorry! We did not know we trespassed! Please forgive us. We will leave you alone!” I stood to face him, but he ran past me, to Retka, & pummeled her to mush.

He turned back to me & I was speechless a moment, thinking my life was over. He told me that he needed me & my magic, that it would be “easier/better if I came with” him, or I would be killed. It was very vague & part of me really wanted to come with. Since, if Omerc was there, the party could stay together somewhat. But as he picked me up & carried me back, it was obvious it would seem like some prisoner’s post.

Just then, some of his troops who had followed him before seemed to turn on him. They had a heated exchange, though I understood none of it. They began fighting! I shielded him with wind, & summoned my gust aura, just as they knocked him to the ground. I shielded myself, but it was at that moment that Nibel rode up behind me, astride White Pearl. He must have been watching through the trees & seen my plight. I shielded him & rode a bit away, while shouting in common to the wererat “I’m sorry to leave you like this but I cannot be a prisoner! Perhaps I will see you again, but do not take this as betrayal! I have something urgent to do!” & we rode off. At least I had shielded him & my aura had kept arrows off his hide.

Nibel & I returned to Archon Bay, the sole survivors of our Expedition (although I do hope Omerc is alive). I spoke with the head of the Ivy Crown, as Nibel sat & did not say much, save to agree sharply with another course of action the Ivy Head suggested. (First, of course, we’d told the Ivy Head about a massive army of orcs & other creatures that was gathered, as well as the minotaur temple encountered previously. The danger that was rampant at our windowpanes.)
I decided I’d think about going to the temple. It was in a different direction than Omerc’s last location. My main priority is making sure he is alright, since he’s been a great leader. I don’t know if I should ask adventurers to come with me. There was a risk with taking this expedition, & we knew it, but it was still taken.
Maybe if I return to the Wychwood, to my Mother (Naladha) & to our/her people, they will have something to say about this. Maybe the Elves will become an actual force in the Autumn Lands… Who knows?
It’s necessary for me to think about what I’m going to do… But I may return home.



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