Herbal Journey (7.30.10)

A short recap

Omerc & Calras leave town, leaving Zabei (who oversleeps an exhorbitant amount – tied in some dream) behind. This post is from Zabei’s perspective though since I got there late haha:

Zabei met them outside a cavern & we returned to town so they could rest & heal after going through a great ordeal of physical stress (a cave practically collapsing on them). Taking a few days, we speak to an herbalist & she tells us we can fetch her a few things to make potions (which is what we seek).

There is a Green Way with herbs plants minerals etc.., or a Blood Way, with the organs of creatures or animals, blood, fluids, etc.. (Yuck!!)

We leave Archon Bay & go through a lot of wilderness, finding things on the way. Encountering lizardfolk (gaining pearls) & orcs (no pearls haha) until we come to a peak to make camp. Just south of the camp is a spring- & one of the ingredients for the Green Way healing potion is natural spring water. We each have a water skin or two (but only fill 3 total).

The water coming out smells foul though. We run inside, encounter a feeble spider, as well as some not-so-feeble cultists & undead. The spring’s origination deep inside is clean & the gross smell & taste of the water is acquired later, probably from these people.

We almost die numerous times, make way back to town without resting (on the way, avoiding battle with more orcs by me giving them all my gold & Omerc kneeling & offering some of his as well- though he got kicked by them. At least spared! Then lizardfolk & we give them two of our four pearls to placate them/avoid fighting).

Arriving back in town, we sleep for days I imagine, resting. But now we have three potions, yay. One potion for each of us haha. Omerc speaks to the Ivy Crown though I was not present to see what was said. The flaring of moods is something I can almost smell though.



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