Aurin Isle

Located on a south eastern island in the Misty Sea, rests Aurin Isle. This is the island Anto lead his followers to during the Age of Shadow, to found it’s one and only settlement; Serenity.


Anto’s Grave

Anto’s Cathedral

Autumn Lands

This is all that remains of the one time kingdom of Man. The names of the old settlements are long forgotten, as is their location. There is but one known active settlement there, on the shores of Archon Bay.

The rest of the island is dense wilderness grown up over the years through the ruins of fallen cities. Goblins, Ogres, Dragons and worse now inhabit these lands, but within the ruins lie lost treasures and magic of the old kingdom for the taking.

Generally no one ventures into the Autumn Lands anymore. The Church has declared that the ancient ways brought destruction to man, and could do so again. Using these ancient magics are considered going against the will of Anto, some humans disagree however, insisting the lands are their birthright, and dream some day of returning.

Other Settlements


Ivy Keep


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