Age of the Ancients (I)

The ancients rule over the earth. The modern races have not yet formed.

The first Dwarves appear, they hide within the depths of the Taliesin to avoid the ancients.

The first Elves appear, they hide within the forests of the Taliesin, and use the world itself to fight against the ancients.

The first humans appear, they use numbers, determination, and creativity to fight back directly against the ancients.

Due to the sheer numbers of Humans, the ancients create plagues and monsters to fight back against them. All dark races are said to have spawned from the ancients, while the races of light are said to have spawned from Taliesin herself.

Elves form a bond with nature, and divide into four ‘groves’. One for each of the seasons. Within these groves, each family bonds to a type of tree. A 13th tree, the oak, is considered is named the world tree, and it’s elves are seasonless.

Age of Legends(II)

Mortals begin laying claim to Taliesin.

Mortals are taught rituals (early magic) by the Ancient "" to aid in their wars with other Ancients.

The Ancient of Magic is banished to the void for assisting the mortals.

Mortals begin rising up against the ancients.

The Eldrich Being Tharorauin is the first ancient slain by a mortal.

The mortal who slew Tharorauin gains followers, who begin training themselves in his ways. The monastic order comes into being.

Mortals push most ancients out into the void, beyond the realm of dreams. Some, however, hide in the deep and dark places of Taliesin, hoping to rise again, and let their brethren back when the time is right.

An elvish monk, combines the teachings of the human monks, and the elvish faith, to create a new philosophy of Druidism.

The Druidic Tradition is founded. It quickly is adopted by the elves, as it is very similar to their previous seasonal based traditions.

A group of elves begins colluding with the ancient "". They feel adopting the scraps of man is beneath them, and serving the ancients will help them unite the two forces, with them ruling over the mortals, and their ancient sponsor ruling the ancients. Once their plans are discovered, the elven line is banished from the surface. Their Life Tree is burned, and they are forgotten. They begin a new underground as the dark elves. They gain albino features being away from the sunlight. It is rumored that some brought seeds or cuttings from their tree and have regrown a new Life tree underground. It is also rumored that since loosing the life tree, they drain other living creatures of their essence to maintain their lives. Or crystals.

Age of Magic (III)

The book "" of alchemy is written. Alchemy becomes a serious study.

Magic is codified.

The Arcane Academy is formed.

Orcus is slain. Pharasma rises to be the guardian between the underworld and the material world.

Age of Mortals (IV)

The wars of man are fought.

Age of Light (V)

The kingdoms of man are united at Castle ""

The Deep Dwarves seal themselves in the lowest caverns.

The Emperor falls in battle with a dragon from the northern reaches. With the Emperor and most of his court dead, the remaining lords begin positioning themselves for taking control of the empire.

Age of Shadow (VI)

Civil war breaks out between the remaining human settlements. What started as two sides between "" and "", quickly devolves until each settlement becomes it’s own city state, and small skirmishes break out. Many settlements are forgotten, or abandoned as the populace dwindles in the war. Technologies and magics are lost within the ruins.

Anto leads a group of men from each of the remaining cities to found a new settlement on Aurin Isle. They are not heard from until the current age.

With the chaos of the warring humans in what is now known as Autumn Isle, dark creatures from the north begin their invasion to sack the weakened empire.

The last known city of man falls to the invading forces (Aurin Isle remains hidden in mist).

Age of Darkness (VII)

Dwarves and elves align for a final stand against the dark forces to hold them back on their own isle. The dwarves and elves hold the line for 2 years, before a decisive victory during ’the battle of ’. With that blow the forces of darkness remain on Autumn Isle.

The dwarves and elves begin fighting over who should inherrit the ruined cities of man that remain on their isles.

A group of dwarves breaks away and lives on the surface in defiance of the war they find unjust. They become the Hill Dwarf Clans. These are mostly made up of clans that fought with the elves at

Current Age (VIII)

The humans begin creating new settlements in the lands around Aurin Isle.

Humans broker peace between the Dwarves and Elves.

Hill Dwarves are let back into the kingdom of Dwarves, but choose to remain living on the surface.

Knights of the Ivy Crown are formed at Ivy Hold.

Rifts form in direction between Ivy Hold and the Church of Anto. Ivy Hold wants to reclaim the histories and traditions of humans, the Church views them as having lead to the fall of the empire, and believes only through Anto’s teachings can mankind survive.

Ivy Hold claims control of Greyridge on Ivy Isle.

Pirates from Archon Bay begin attacking ships of the Ivy Crown, resulting in the Ivy Crown’s attempt to annex Archon Bay.


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