Half orc/were rat . barbarian

Attribute Score Mod
Str. 21 +5
Dex. 20 +5
Con. 14 +2
Int 7 -2
Wis 9 -2
Cha 6 -3

AC 23
HP 49
Damage resistance = 5/Silver
Base speed 50
base attack +5
Saving Throws
Fort. 6
Ref. 6
Will. 2

CMB 10 = +5 +5
CMD 25 = +5 +5 +5 + base of 10

+1 Oger Hammer of lizard bane. dmg 1d12. +2d6 against lizards.


Well where to start i suppose the beginning eh.
It all started for X in servitude he was more a less a slave worked long hour’s for Many year but was vary good at it and one of the hardest working of them all. And did not go unnoticed by a lot individuals one in particular stuck around and bought him out from my owner witch one day will be hunted down by him. X and and The new owner left there home land and came to a new promising location. Arcon bay its called. for the first cupple of night X would see light’s in the hill’s and the swap’s in wonder of whats out beyond. Till a group of burly individual’s but not more than him self ha, approached X and his owner and asked them to accompany them on an adventure into the wild. ever since that X has grown to the sense of adventure and every moment he spends away from civilization it seems as if he even get’s more animal like. at this point in time his where about’s are unknown to every one but one.

Hated Enemies and that will Die Unless They Swear FULL ALLEGIANCE!!! Are the fallowing. Lizard folk or any that alli with them.

people on his hit list!
1.his first owner.

1.Become the orc king and a god. Completed.
2.take over Blackdrake keep. underway.
3.take over silver mine’s. underway.
4.Kill everything that dose not bow and swear allegiance to Him.


Taliesin CrossX