Autumn Elf witch druid wise herbalist Animalfriend


Character Name: Inwënëvana Sanue Qetesh (but among non-elves it’s shortened to Inwë) Her lodge/clan is Ash.
Age: 147
Race: Autumn Elf
Stats: str 10 dex 15 con 10 int 16 wis 13 cha 12 (in Pathfinder)
Class: Witch (in Pathfinder), mostly Druid-esque/Gandalf-like (other systems)

“The Ovates, then, were seers and diviners, and it seems likely that they were also healers, herbalists and midwives. The classical author Strabo described the Ovate as ‘an interpreter of nature’. It was the Ovates who were skilled in reading omens and divining auguries – whether from the flight of birds, the shape of clouds, or the behaviour of animals or the weather – and it was the Ovates whose task it probably was to heal, using their knowledge of herbs and spells to cure disease in humans and livestock. The Ovate seems, in many ways, to conform to the type of person most people would describe as a Witch.”


Her father Braithygwur (just Braith to non-elves) is an important man in some way, at least to the Ivy Crown. She has come to the Autumn Lands instead of him, for he read it in the signs of the wood.

More info here for now:

A lovely voice drones singing in the Autumn wood. Leaves fall like petals of flame & the melody is at once sad & uplifting; tragic in its joy, hopeful in its sorrow. The trees are pillars to a canopy of gold & crimson, stretching as an endless hall in every direction; but an opening lies ahead.
Though it is late afternoon, you can almost smell the full moon – the Mother’s Moon – in the sooty bark, on the dancing leaves, in the woodgrass you walk upon. You can hear it in the song, a woman’s voice, clearer now & ringing in a tone both stronger than the treestalks & lighter than the leaves. Warm but not sweetly so. Like amber draped in vanilla.
The words are mostly Elven, & you move slowly closer. With a nightingale’s intonation, the singer continues, pitch fascinating & resplendent. You know she must be in the small opening, but bushes are bonfires, shielding her from view between the trees. Everywhere is yellow, orange, brown, red. Here are shades of those colours that you’ve never known to exist before.
You notice light Elven letters on a tree as you pass, so near now to the column-less patch of woods. You stand on the edge of it, looking to the humble clearing before you. So serene is the ambiance that you realize the singing has stopped; most likely before you heard it do so. A creek flows as gently as the leaves fall, with acorns & branches sprinkled about. Reaching into the water from the miniscule shore is a giant rock, cloudy-brown, & seated upon it is an Elfwoman.
Her back is to you, but her head tilts over her shoulder, eyeing you sideways. If she stood, her silken hair would fall to her thighs, the colour of the night sky during a yellow Harvest Moon. Her skin is the shade of the Moon at the same time; healthy straw. Bright irises the hue of many stars surround pupils darker than a raven’s claw, & just as piercing.
She stands turning to face you, uttering an Elven greeting.
Her dress is of Elven design, simply detailed, gorgeous, sweeping. Large sleeves wrap her in orange & the fabric below her waist is demure & generous. The gown is the most perfect shade of pumpkin. You wonder if you’ve actually spotted her or not, the colour being so close to that of the forest. A rope braided of copper & sienna is tied around her waist, as a belt, the long end hanging in front, tassled. Her feet are bare & the skin is cornsilk, ruddy & delicate against a garnet underskirt that hangs longer than the outergarment.
Moccasin-boots dyed a peach bisque rest on the ground away from the rock, with simple laces but resilient craftsmanship. Beside them lie a small wooden harp & a cocoa-coloured linen bag, half open with a brass drawstring.
Inwë hums a line of the song & then says in a voice of ginger & clove: “I was told you’d come. I may be able to aid you.”

Inwë stands 5’ 11" tall & weighs 126 pounds.

Character Goals:
Inwë wants to explore & follow where the Mystery & wisdom of Nature leads. Mystery behind Inwë’s own talents – totems, charms, bonds with Animals & the Earth.
She has felt a desire to come to the Autumn Lands for some time. This is a perfect opportunity. If she seeks something, she may not know. What is encountered, will be encountered. What will be, will be.
She believes that this is the place for discovery of History; tangible & real. She is fine with leaving everything at “supposition” but now is the time for her to see if there are real answers out there.
If anything else, she has come to the Autumn Lands to “see History”, imagining a place of Monsters of the Old Times, etc. She grew up as an avid explorer, & that hasn’t stopped in the least.


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