X and the other adveture's

X and his army are just on there way with a campaign he his on his way of starting and all of a sudden part of his army spot’s something and as i look up on this ridge i realize that it is some one from in town knowing that he need’s to act fast if he want’s to save any one from his blood thirsty warrior’s and he crest’s the peak, he notice’s that there are more then he thought there would be along with a horse. in the back of his mine he know that now if there just sending out people with horse’s that they must be getting a better hold on the land and have more stuff coming in now. As he start’s communication he fail’s to keep his army back and they brake out of formation and surround every one 3 make it out running 1 i know can make it on his horse out alive the other 2 not so much. he need’s to act fast he take’s out there leader not killing him but he his vary unconscious x turn’s around and say if any one kill’s him it will be your head we need them for information about the human’s. right after he dose this he noticed a curious thing as one of the skinny one’s say something then all of a sudden there is an unnatural wind it then click’s "MAGIC. “in his head” his army start’s chanting out kill him kill the leader! kill him! and then start’s chanting out weakling!about 4-5 time’s. X then pick’s up his hammer and with every bit of Strength he has brings it down upon one that was chanting and basically vaporizes him and then belt’s out YOU THINK I AM WEAK I WILL NOT HESITATE TO DO THIS AGAIN, DO NOT DISOBEY ME!! he notices that the Mage and the other one that ran are long gone he yell stay here i am going after them. he smile’s and say’s here i come! he run’s as fast as he can thundering down the ridge and across the plane he see them one stop and turn’s around one keep’s running his animal instinct take’s over and run’s down the one who kept running and and take’s her life. turn’s around and start’s walking back to the Mage he is on his knee’s begging for his life x pick’s him up and say’s you need to come back with me i will not hurt you but if i don’t bring you back it will be bad. trust me. as he start’s running back he start’s getting shot at by bolt’s he keep’s running come to find it is about 8 of his own men angry at him for talking to a human he then drop’s the Mage and engages with them. smashing 4 right off the bat 2 went down with a great fight but they will be forgotten and the other 2 died with out hesitation as for the mage his friend on the horse came back from him and got him on the horse and took off x walk’s over to a corpse of a fallen orc pick up a bow take’s a pot shot misses and then start’s moving body ‘s to the rest of the army. he vow’s to him self that he will see them again!


yeah its all right i reread it and i missed a few thing’s but what ever.

X and the other adveture's

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