We killed a pterodactyl

two of them

I know!!! haha

Anyway, this is a really short OOC type post instead of the novel I wrote for the last one. I can’t date this one either since I forgot when we got together last – miss you guys.

Sooo let’s see. We decided to head into the forest. The cave from earlier. We fought some lizardlike creatures, two of them, & butchered them. In self defense of course. Inwe had a little issue about it but she’s past it now.
We saved their tongues for use as totems. This post really isn’t digging into the reasons behind these things haha.
Ian chummed the water with lizard parts.
We went back & forth to camp a few times (this is hard to write when I wait so long haha). THe elderly gentlegnome (maybe not so much gentle, as creepy) mended my dress & I’ll edit this all when I find my notebook. mwa haha. Because there was an awesome gambling game involving a lock of Inwe’s hair but I forget.
The (I don’t have my notebook on me) animal specialist who wanted us to see if we could find any eggs, camps in the cave with us now.

I think that was it? It was months ago.. Oh my gosh November!. It was short though so if I’m not remembering everything, just comment haha.


well it may be creepy the next game we have ill give you the entire run down of what happened and you can wright it down if you want.

We killed a pterodactyl

Creepy? What happened haha

We killed a pterodactyl

I forgot to ask what happened. Next time haha
I did find my notebook & I’ll update this post eventually.

We killed a pterodactyl

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