~The Season of The Witch~ (10.9.10)

(( Inwë & Ffion came to Archon Bay after a summons for her Father originally. He did not come, for reasons as yet undecided, though I think maybe it shouldn’t be his death. Anyway, this expedition/mission to an island temple is what catches her eye, or it is what she has been called for. Kind of vague here right now. The companions consist of Nibel, who is an Ivy woodsman, & _______, a gnome with such perfect Elven pronunciation..
So the expedition takes off for the isle. We come upon Pirates & a skirmish ensues. One of our boats, the cargo ship, is sunk! We take one of their ships, find a map that was leading them close to where we were headed. Same island at least.., find 5 prisoners, & eventually a storm rises. It’s all a haze here but we wake, on a beach, & realize all our luggage/cargo from the pirate ship is neatly stacked on the shore with us.. Creepy!! Though The gnome is not with us, I do know he was on the cargo ship when it wen’t down. Maybe he drowned. ))

So for now, the group of us are camping for the night, since it is dark. We go to sleep…



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