Mountain Headquarters (8.7.10)

(from Zabei’s perspective)

Omerc talks to the Ivy Crown about getting some people to come with us & going back to the Peak by the Foulwater Cave. He bought a Pavilion Tent (huuuge) & 4 humans from the Ivy Crown came with us. I spoke to an armored someone of the Church of Anto about the possibility of coming with us. I never thought to offer money or anything for them to trust us, but they wanted to handle the matter all by themselves, & said I should not handle it… whereas I wanted to personally be involved in the cleansing/purifying/exploration/whatnot of the cavern.

I bought blankets & things too since it’s still Spring & gets cold at night. We arrived & scouted around a bit, finding another spring, smaller, in another direction. Not in a cave, just in light woods.

The first night we camped, a Dire Wolf attacked the Ivy Crown archer as he was on watch. We killed him (the wolf!) but kept the hide, claws, teeth & buried him.

Next day: we headed to the Foulwater Cave, as swarms of chittering spiders approached us from the cobwebbed hallway in the dark, Omerc lit a torch. I used the hand of the wind to grasp them & hold them into the torch’s flame.

Then two of the larger spiders came forth. Similar to the one we destroyed last time we were here. We killed them, & I cut off their spinnerets (hopefully they can make silk or something. Otherwise, they are awesome sharp things)

We saw some bones in their room but not much else besides web everywhere. We exited that one & went further in. Omerc heard moaning, ran ahead with his torch & was shot at with arrows from an opening at the end of the hall. My gust aura swirled to life & the 5 of us ran to Omerc after he dodged into a room on his left. Omerc & a spearman stood in front to bottleneck anyone from coming inside the room. Two skeletons appeared but one of the Orkus cultists did then also. He attacked Omerc & held out his hand, something written on it.

I tried to blast wind at his arm, hoping to knock it away, but couldn’t see well enough around to know how to hit him with the current of air. Omerc was faster though & attacked the cultist.

I called the hand of the wind to try & take the cultist’s holy symbol, but as the winds whirled & nearly ripped it away from him, he snatched it back easily.

Omerc, the spearman, & (the two handed weapon man) were knocked down & the cultist approached me & the two archers. We slayed them but it came quite close, & it was a race to drag the bodies of our allies out of the room. I treated them with some springwater & bloodmoss (a good healing herb) & we ran as fast as we could back to camp, a slow moan approaching when we were in the cave. (We left the body, no time to loot it – BUT I stabbed one of the spinnerets into his throat & left it there. Perhaps that will make them think it was a spider attack. If not, it is still a message)

We came back to find an orc there. Attacked it but two of our “underlings” didn’t listen to Omerc when he said hold the line & shot arrows at the orc, running up to him too. Killed him, but Omerc told those two that they will sleep outside the tent tonight. I argue it vehemently, as we are a team & it was because of those two that we were able to escape & survive.

Anyway, back at camp now. It seems this cave is a tiny bit above our current abilities. Very dangerous. Cultist guards have nearly killed us every time we’ve entered. But in my sleep I had a dream of wisdom from the Wind, of my blood & magic. I feel a bit stronger & we can do it, whether that just means getting further in to map some more & coming back later or not.


I love that you’re doing this. Keep it up.

Mountain Headquarters (8.7.10)

Thank, you know I will haha

Mountain Headquarters (8.7.10)

look’s great!

Mountain Headquarters (8.7.10)

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