We killed a pterodactyl
two of them

I know!!! haha

Anyway, this is a really short OOC type post instead of the novel I wrote for the last one. I can’t date this one either since I forgot when we got together last – miss you guys.

Sooo let’s see. We decided to head into the forest. The cave from earlier. We fought some lizardlike creatures, two of them, & butchered them. In self defense of course. Inwe had a little issue about it but she’s past it now.
We saved their tongues for use as totems. This post really isn’t digging into the reasons behind these things haha.
Ian chummed the water with lizard parts.
We went back & forth to camp a few times (this is hard to write when I wait so long haha). THe elderly gentlegnome (maybe not so much gentle, as creepy) mended my dress & I’ll edit this all when I find my notebook. mwa haha. Because there was an awesome gambling game involving a lock of Inwe’s hair but I forget.
The (I don’t have my notebook on me) animal specialist who wanted us to see if we could find any eggs, camps in the cave with us now.

I think that was it? It was months ago.. Oh my gosh November!. It was short though so if I’m not remembering everything, just comment haha.

Faces in the Water (10.23.10)

( This is a really long post! I type fast & kept coming back to add to it instead of edit it shorter. Sorry! haha )

( This is from Inwë’s point of view )

A storm had come. Heavy & powerful. We had lost control & sunk into blackness.
We wake in the evening sometime, on a beach. It is so strange to sleep into the night. We had slumbered on the beach, merely on the sand. (( approx. 5pm )) Our trunks, luggage, crates are stacked nicely near us, though we all know they had gone down with the ship. As had we? Bootprints leading into the water..
Looking out to the ocean before us, I notice the storm, seeming to rage; all buffeting wind & slashing rain, dark dark dark. But do we hear this howling? No. There seems to be some sort of barrier keeping it away from this island. Or contained. But on the horizon it is all we can see. Dark cloudy mass some distance out from shore. Behind us is the thick forest. Moving near it, all I hear is Nature; fluttering of insect wings, hushed movement, birds’ shouting, breeze through woods. The flora here & temperature seem place-able, & I recognize most of it.
I turn back to a large half-blooded orc of some sort. His Common language comes naturally & sharp, like lightning. I just understand him, as he thinks of a plan outloud. It makes sense. The man who had accompanied me on the boat, as part of the Ivy Crown (Nibel), is here as well. He stands close to me & it is comforting.
But I see no other faces I recognize.
Except Ffion. Standing with his head resting against my skirted leg, Ffion & I recognize each other on a level I think no one can run close to. Sometimes I find myself pondering what he is made of, what hides inside his mind, what is his age, what he really is. I’ve opened myself to Mystery & as well as I know him, I feel he will always know me better. I bend down to pick him up gently; sandy paws rest against my cream dress. His eyes smile.
The voice that has been in my ear as my thoughts had turned to Ffion breaks through my peace. Now I pay attention to the voice, that of the half-orc. It seems he & Elton – the first mate, second in command, who had been kind on our short time aboard the ship – had spotted a shipwreck. Most likely our ship wrecked. Just now they are talking of what to do, & I feel Ffion’s interest flick once, along with mine. I set him down & he walks alongside me as I move forward. Nibel follows.
“Lowtide will last a bit longer. A few hours.” I mention, having noticed their plan to go to the ship. I realize now what they’ve known this whole time: there are things on the ship that can still be salvaged. & Maybe Elton knows of something that can help us. We had been heading for a Temple, after all. The sailor, I imagine, would have some maps.
After a bit more banter & discussion, six of us leave for the ship.
The half orc. Elton. Nibel. Another man I don’t recognize. Ffion. Myself.

The ship, ruined & tossed about, is a bit away from shore, so we head out to it. Nibel remains on the beach, watching the treeline & horizon.
Upon entering the boat, the hall we take leads into two choices. Elton says that one way takes us to the Captains Office/Quarters. The other goes into equipment storage. The large orc blooded man & the smaller human go that way. I trust Elton knows something important is in the Captain’s Quarters, & I go with him, Ffion right beside me. As we move up a longer hall, Ffion alerts me to the fact that he hears something. A sound has alerted him, & now me. We move slowly & the sound comes from the room ahead. Gnawing, crunching, wood creaking & breaking. Chewing. “Be careful” I warn Elton, in a hushed tone.
We come to the doorway & see some sort of giant aquatic spider. It rears its head at us. Elton tells me it’s trying to get into the kitchens, which is right below the Captain’s Quarters.
My hand moves to Elton’s arm. “If we let it go into the kitchens, & don’t get in its way, do you think we’ll have enough time to grab whatever you need from this room?” I keep my body language passive, slow, nonthreatening. Elton responds by telling me it won’t work that way.
& obviously he is right. The spider is pacing, facing us now; away from the broken hole it had been making in the floor.
Elton lunges with his sword, jabbing & slicing painfully, as the thing lets out a sound like hissing & squealing at once. At the same time it lashes out at Elton, striking him, but Elton lands on the hole that was being made. I scream “Elton!!”. The creature dives for him, just as I run to Elton in hopes my healing touch can do something for his pain.
The force is too much for the wood, & the floor breaks. Ffion & I stop in our tracks, just in time to miss falling in. I hear Elton moan, & the spider shriek in vituperation, legs scritching & scuttling against the walls.
I smell old cheese.
I look over the side of the destroyed wood, thinking of something to do. Elton is laying on his back.. but a large spike of wood is impaled through his abdomen. These gifts, both my own & those granted to me through Ffion, seem not to be enough in such a situation.
But my gift for soothing pain & hurt. To repatch cells & renew life. I hear figures running below me, loud, brazen. The orc-blood & the man I still do not know are running into the kitchens. “Wait!” I whisper, after seeing them dash into the room, spearing the creature. They must
have heard our commotion.
I look to the walls & think of climbing down, but I say call to them “I’ll be right there!”, doubting they know anything of my gift. I turn & run down the hallway, to the stairs & as I would come out the other side, the three of them meet me. Orc-blood carrying Elton. Elton’s pain is obvious; slight cries & whines pierce any illusion. I gasp but act quickly. “His wound” I gesture for his torso to be positioned so I can reach it.
I lift my hand & Ffion watches my movement as if it was his life being played before him. The feeling of wyrd passing through me comes again, though over time I’ve grown almost accustomed.
I lay my palm on his stomach, thick blood gushing & drenching my fingers, & his eyes are closed. His face is drained of colour & he winces at every movement but my touch. Molecules & energy & creating a new chance. His wound seals, a bone crackles & snaps into place once more, muscles & skin hum & buzz. He is still red with blood. & only recovering from the shock.
No time for a healing song to numb it. There may be more of those beings. & now there is blood in the water.
The orcish man has apparent strength, as he hauls Elton to the top of the boat, all of us coming with. He had been also hefting a large bundle wrapped in canvas, aided by the other man in keeping it balanced. I sit above deck with Elton, checking on him. His lifebreath is barely a breeze. Faint. But he lives. I ask him – & he tells me – what I can get for him from the Captains quarters. The three of us go back into the kitchen, to see if there is anything that we missed.
It is then, as we walk back into the kitchen, we discover a dead man. He is laying, leaning against the wall, with a large bite on his neck. Fangs were in him. I hum & chant, gesticulating with arms & fingers, intoning a spell of poison-taste. My thoughts are confirmed by the magic- the man was poisoned, most certainly by whatever bit him.
I move up to the Captain’s room as the others grab rations from the kitchen. A journal, scroll case of maps, potions, keys. A locked drawer (the Orc-blood helps bust that one out), etc. We return to the top of the ship, & head ashore, Elton leaning on the strong ones. Ffion watches Elton with those otherworldly yet too-elven eyes & we are soon leaving the ship behind. Nibel rushes out a few feet to meet us near the shoreline. Night is coming.

As we return to ‘camp’, everyone else seems to distrust the Orc-blood. I notice accusations of ‘taking control’ & ‘making orders’. ‘Telling others what to do’. If he is domineering, it is no matter, as it seems his decisions make sense. He just earned everyone food.
But I don’t trust it. Old cheese smell..
Anyway, they have a slightly heated exchange. I don’t think they consider me affiliated with him at this point, & I speak with Elton. I give him the journal, the keys, the maps. The bag of potions. I wish him well & good night to the rest of the crew.
Moving back to our side of the bank, I see the orc-blood is making some sort of shelter. To me it looks like a leanto & it is close to the forest. Nibel is helping him. I don’t see the other man among us. Perhaps it is time to share names with each other.
I look over my shoulder & see Ffion coming towards me. He had lingered with Elton after I’d left, eyes watching Elton neutrally the entire time. It is not often we are more than within arm’s reach of each other, Ffion & I.
He sits & looks up at my face, & we are both pensive on the forest. Out across the water, the storm still rages, but we remain protected by whatever invisible wall exists out there. I peer into the trees, away from the silent monsoon. (( 8ish PM )) Thick darkness, but lush sounds. I take a step into the woods, heeding Ffion’s feelings if I fail to miss anything.
I know how the smells make him feel. & after walking for maybe 15 seconds, we pause. He sniffs the air & looks around. I do the same. He feels something reptilian. The odour in the south & west. We back out of the forest & I tell this to the orc man & Nibel.
Dusk approaches, & I welcome it gladly, as always. As they finish their shelter, I open a blanket & fall to sleep, Ffion resting against my arm.

I am in the dreamtime now. I am leaning over the side of the boat, sick. I see everyone from the boats in the water & then I lift myself up from the rail & look behind me. Everyone is sick. We are all ill with something, maybe seasickness. I notice that two people are healthy & not queasy. The Captain. & someone I know as Aina, who I always assumed was some sort of advisor to the Captain. She laughs lightly, & whispers something in his ear.
Now we all have spoons. Wooden spoons. The ship is sinking & we are trying to spoon the water out of it. The spoons are not good enough!
Now we realize that in the water, are snakes. Slithering & coming faster. We spoon water faster, but it is of no use. The whole ocean is in our boat, & all we have are spoons.
Daylight on my eyelids. I wake. Ffion is staring at me & I utter
“Hello” to him. Good morning haha. He stands up walks to the shelter, showing me what they’d built. But I was going that direction in the first place.
It is more shaded in here. But I do not have to wake them, as they’re rising now.
“We have to leave this place” I tell the orc-blood.
His general reaction is ‘why?’. Nibel merely watches us & the third man says nothing.
“Everything we are doing here, building here, is nothing. No matter what we do, whatever tools we create for ourselves here, they will not be enough to stop whatever is coming.”
The orc man argues mildly, wondering how I know this.
“I’ve seen, or been shown – as I have been in the past – something. & my feeling, my intuition, is that it is extremely dangerous to be here for much longer. We must go into the forest.”
The orc man tells me this shelter is built in a good place, & if something were to come, we would see it coming.
“It won’t be enough” I respond, recalling my dream. All we had were spoons. Against the ocean.
He is rising for the day, & Nibel has already left the tent.
“When was the last time you ate?” I ask them all. “Will you come with me into the forest?”

It is only Nibel, the orc man, Ffion, & me this time. I don’t ask the other man why he said no, but there was no need. This is merely to get food.
I follow Ffion’s nose, so to speak. & my own knowledge of roots, twigs, berries, flowers, seeds, nuts. Fruits. Vegetables. The trail of food. My skirt is almost full with all of it & I do not carry Ffion. We breakfast on berries we found on the way, moving deeper into the woods. Conversation is light but surprisingly jovial. We were about to exchange names with the orc-blood when we see something. & hear.
A large opening. Huge opening. No words for its size. & it is filled with water.
More ocean. Or a lake of some kind.
& before the dropoff, a cave. Ffion’s fearless mind senses more reptile in this area. We do not approach. When we get back to camp, I will try & make a map. One among us will, at least.
We come back & I check on Elton. He is still healing from the shock of it all. The bruises. I tend to his wounds, with my bag of salves, ointments, herbs, bandages, all the while asking about the potions. I apologize for the orc-blooded, knowing their words to each other were
The orc-blood also speaks to Elton as I finish easing his pain. We tell Elton about the cave, the water, & I add more about the Reptilian smell. Orc blood shares some food with him, but then so do I. The orc man decides it best to find a sign of any of the other shipwrecks. We plan on heading west down the shore.
The third man comes with this time, though Nibel stays at the leanto. I find more food along the way, but the further we get, the sparser food becomes. Plants in general. We turn back before it is too dark, planning to make it back to camp just as darkness falls.
We are almost there, & the waves suddenly seem different to us. eerie.
It looks as if, rather than waves crashing, they are people smashing onto shore. Faces in the waves. In the water.
I call out in the language of the water. Then the Earthtongue. Ffion is calm but we all notice & rush back to camp.
Elton is still awake & tells us he sees it too. We all agree there is something strange about this place. He goes on to explain what he read in the Captain’s journal. As it goes on, the Captain becomes more & more unhinged. & Elton thinks it has something to do with Aina.
Also, he tells us the Captain’s copy of the map has this island on it, where all other maps did not. The Captain knew about the island & kept it hidden from everyone else. (The Captain & Aina have both been missing for a day now, by the way).
The orc-blood tells Elton not to eat the food rations that came from the ship, as he thinks maybe the food had been poisoned (& that the cook was poisoned by this food, therefore making the bites a coverup).
Far-fetched? I don’t know what that means anymore.
To which Elton responds “You mean the rations we just ate?”
Everyone is ready to sleep & the sky remains made of storm, glowering at us. (( we ended the scene here ))
I am going to sing to the waves, in every tongue I’ve learned, playing on my harp. I don’t know if anything will happen but I’m going to try it. Right now.

X and the other adveture's

X and his army are just on there way with a campaign he his on his way of starting and all of a sudden part of his army spot’s something and as i look up on this ridge i realize that it is some one from in town knowing that he need’s to act fast if he want’s to save any one from his blood thirsty warrior’s and he crest’s the peak, he notice’s that there are more then he thought there would be along with a horse. in the back of his mine he know that now if there just sending out people with horse’s that they must be getting a better hold on the land and have more stuff coming in now. As he start’s communication he fail’s to keep his army back and they brake out of formation and surround every one 3 make it out running 1 i know can make it on his horse out alive the other 2 not so much. he need’s to act fast he take’s out there leader not killing him but he his vary unconscious x turn’s around and say if any one kill’s him it will be your head we need them for information about the human’s. right after he dose this he noticed a curious thing as one of the skinny one’s say something then all of a sudden there is an unnatural wind it then click’s "MAGIC. “in his head” his army start’s chanting out kill him kill the leader! kill him! and then start’s chanting out weakling!about 4-5 time’s. X then pick’s up his hammer and with every bit of Strength he has brings it down upon one that was chanting and basically vaporizes him and then belt’s out YOU THINK I AM WEAK I WILL NOT HESITATE TO DO THIS AGAIN, DO NOT DISOBEY ME!! he notices that the Mage and the other one that ran are long gone he yell stay here i am going after them. he smile’s and say’s here i come! he run’s as fast as he can thundering down the ridge and across the plane he see them one stop and turn’s around one keep’s running his animal instinct take’s over and run’s down the one who kept running and and take’s her life. turn’s around and start’s walking back to the Mage he is on his knee’s begging for his life x pick’s him up and say’s you need to come back with me i will not hurt you but if i don’t bring you back it will be bad. trust me. as he start’s running back he start’s getting shot at by bolt’s he keep’s running come to find it is about 8 of his own men angry at him for talking to a human he then drop’s the Mage and engages with them. smashing 4 right off the bat 2 went down with a great fight but they will be forgotten and the other 2 died with out hesitation as for the mage his friend on the horse came back from him and got him on the horse and took off x walk’s over to a corpse of a fallen orc pick up a bow take’s a pot shot misses and then start’s moving body ‘s to the rest of the army. he vow’s to him self that he will see them again!

~The Season of The Witch~ (10.9.10)

(( Inwë & Ffion came to Archon Bay after a summons for her Father originally. He did not come, for reasons as yet undecided, though I think maybe it shouldn’t be his death. Anyway, this expedition/mission to an island temple is what catches her eye, or it is what she has been called for. Kind of vague here right now. The companions consist of Nibel, who is an Ivy woodsman, & _______, a gnome with such perfect Elven pronunciation..
So the expedition takes off for the isle. We come upon Pirates & a skirmish ensues. One of our boats, the cargo ship, is sunk! We take one of their ships, find a map that was leading them close to where we were headed. Same island at least.., find 5 prisoners, & eventually a storm rises. It’s all a haze here but we wake, on a beach, & realize all our luggage/cargo from the pirate ship is neatly stacked on the shore with us.. Creepy!! Though The gnome is not with us, I do know he was on the cargo ship when it wen’t down. Maybe he drowned. ))

So for now, the group of us are camping for the night, since it is dark. We go to sleep…

Lots of death.. (10.9.10)

(I wrote this really short. Maybe you can write a better one, I., since I don’t know X. From X’s view or something?)

from Zabei’s view.

Omerc & Zabei & the 4 Ivy Crown companions were in camp one day, within the week following where we left off. A half-orc wererat chieftain of some sort came upon the encampment/fort with his 50+ troops/followers.

We were almost instantly attacked. Omerc said he’d buy us time, & the 4 companions & I ran. One of the Ivy companions, named Nibel, atop his horse White Pearl, dashed off. Retka & I escaped, running at top speed in the same direction, while the other two companions were chopped down like straw. I’m not sure what became of Omerc. I fear for him but I did not look back. Hopefully we can find him.

As Retka & I were running, nearing the river (a few miles away), we heard a great thrashing about behind us. I sent word on the wind to the shore (hoping to catch the ear of a reptilian) & spun around, as Retka continued on. The half-orc from earlier was running, so fast, & I shouted in common: “I’m sorry! We did not know we trespassed! Please forgive us. We will leave you alone!” I stood to face him, but he ran past me, to Retka, & pummeled her to mush.

He turned back to me & I was speechless a moment, thinking my life was over. He told me that he needed me & my magic, that it would be “easier/better if I came with” him, or I would be killed. It was very vague & part of me really wanted to come with. Since, if Omerc was there, the party could stay together somewhat. But as he picked me up & carried me back, it was obvious it would seem like some prisoner’s post.

Just then, some of his troops who had followed him before seemed to turn on him. They had a heated exchange, though I understood none of it. They began fighting! I shielded him with wind, & summoned my gust aura, just as they knocked him to the ground. I shielded myself, but it was at that moment that Nibel rode up behind me, astride White Pearl. He must have been watching through the trees & seen my plight. I shielded him & rode a bit away, while shouting in common to the wererat “I’m sorry to leave you like this but I cannot be a prisoner! Perhaps I will see you again, but do not take this as betrayal! I have something urgent to do!” & we rode off. At least I had shielded him & my aura had kept arrows off his hide.

Nibel & I returned to Archon Bay, the sole survivors of our Expedition (although I do hope Omerc is alive). I spoke with the head of the Ivy Crown, as Nibel sat & did not say much, save to agree sharply with another course of action the Ivy Head suggested. (First, of course, we’d told the Ivy Head about a massive army of orcs & other creatures that was gathered, as well as the minotaur temple encountered previously. The danger that was rampant at our windowpanes.)
I decided I’d think about going to the temple. It was in a different direction than Omerc’s last location. My main priority is making sure he is alright, since he’s been a great leader. I don’t know if I should ask adventurers to come with me. There was a risk with taking this expedition, & we knew it, but it was still taken.
Maybe if I return to the Wychwood, to my Mother (Naladha) & to our/her people, they will have something to say about this. Maybe the Elves will become an actual force in the Autumn Lands… Who knows?
It’s necessary for me to think about what I’m going to do… But I may return home.

Mountain Headquarters (8.7.10)

(from Zabei’s perspective)

Omerc talks to the Ivy Crown about getting some people to come with us & going back to the Peak by the Foulwater Cave. He bought a Pavilion Tent (huuuge) & 4 humans from the Ivy Crown came with us. I spoke to an armored someone of the Church of Anto about the possibility of coming with us. I never thought to offer money or anything for them to trust us, but they wanted to handle the matter all by themselves, & said I should not handle it… whereas I wanted to personally be involved in the cleansing/purifying/exploration/whatnot of the cavern.

I bought blankets & things too since it’s still Spring & gets cold at night. We arrived & scouted around a bit, finding another spring, smaller, in another direction. Not in a cave, just in light woods.

The first night we camped, a Dire Wolf attacked the Ivy Crown archer as he was on watch. We killed him (the wolf!) but kept the hide, claws, teeth & buried him.

Next day: we headed to the Foulwater Cave, as swarms of chittering spiders approached us from the cobwebbed hallway in the dark, Omerc lit a torch. I used the hand of the wind to grasp them & hold them into the torch’s flame.

Then two of the larger spiders came forth. Similar to the one we destroyed last time we were here. We killed them, & I cut off their spinnerets (hopefully they can make silk or something. Otherwise, they are awesome sharp things)

We saw some bones in their room but not much else besides web everywhere. We exited that one & went further in. Omerc heard moaning, ran ahead with his torch & was shot at with arrows from an opening at the end of the hall. My gust aura swirled to life & the 5 of us ran to Omerc after he dodged into a room on his left. Omerc & a spearman stood in front to bottleneck anyone from coming inside the room. Two skeletons appeared but one of the Orkus cultists did then also. He attacked Omerc & held out his hand, something written on it.

I tried to blast wind at his arm, hoping to knock it away, but couldn’t see well enough around to know how to hit him with the current of air. Omerc was faster though & attacked the cultist.

I called the hand of the wind to try & take the cultist’s holy symbol, but as the winds whirled & nearly ripped it away from him, he snatched it back easily.

Omerc, the spearman, & (the two handed weapon man) were knocked down & the cultist approached me & the two archers. We slayed them but it came quite close, & it was a race to drag the bodies of our allies out of the room. I treated them with some springwater & bloodmoss (a good healing herb) & we ran as fast as we could back to camp, a slow moan approaching when we were in the cave. (We left the body, no time to loot it – BUT I stabbed one of the spinnerets into his throat & left it there. Perhaps that will make them think it was a spider attack. If not, it is still a message)

We came back to find an orc there. Attacked it but two of our “underlings” didn’t listen to Omerc when he said hold the line & shot arrows at the orc, running up to him too. Killed him, but Omerc told those two that they will sleep outside the tent tonight. I argue it vehemently, as we are a team & it was because of those two that we were able to escape & survive.

Anyway, back at camp now. It seems this cave is a tiny bit above our current abilities. Very dangerous. Cultist guards have nearly killed us every time we’ve entered. But in my sleep I had a dream of wisdom from the Wind, of my blood & magic. I feel a bit stronger & we can do it, whether that just means getting further in to map some more & coming back later or not.

Herbal Journey (7.30.10)
A short recap

Omerc & Calras leave town, leaving Zabei (who oversleeps an exhorbitant amount – tied in some dream) behind. This post is from Zabei’s perspective though since I got there late haha:

Zabei met them outside a cavern & we returned to town so they could rest & heal after going through a great ordeal of physical stress (a cave practically collapsing on them). Taking a few days, we speak to an herbalist & she tells us we can fetch her a few things to make potions (which is what we seek).

There is a Green Way with herbs plants minerals etc.., or a Blood Way, with the organs of creatures or animals, blood, fluids, etc.. (Yuck!!)

We leave Archon Bay & go through a lot of wilderness, finding things on the way. Encountering lizardfolk (gaining pearls) & orcs (no pearls haha) until we come to a peak to make camp. Just south of the camp is a spring- & one of the ingredients for the Green Way healing potion is natural spring water. We each have a water skin or two (but only fill 3 total).

The water coming out smells foul though. We run inside, encounter a feeble spider, as well as some not-so-feeble cultists & undead. The spring’s origination deep inside is clean & the gross smell & taste of the water is acquired later, probably from these people.

We almost die numerous times, make way back to town without resting (on the way, avoiding battle with more orcs by me giving them all my gold & Omerc kneeling & offering some of his as well- though he got kicked by them. At least spared! Then lizardfolk & we give them two of our four pearls to placate them/avoid fighting).

Arriving back in town, we sleep for days I imagine, resting. But now we have three potions, yay. One potion for each of us haha. Omerc speaks to the Ivy Crown though I was not present to see what was said. The flaring of moods is something I can almost smell though.


Well in past adventure a group of adventure’s where captured by a cult that was stationed in the cemetery in Arcon Bay and brought to a Temple of Orcas and have since escaped and returned with revenge in there eye’s. we are now ruteing out the cemetery and is well underway.

Initial Post

Guys, don’t be afraid to post your own adventure logs here if you want.


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