The Autumn Lands are all that remains of the human empire of Taliesin. Their ruins are hidden within it’s valleys and forests, still holding all the treasure and magic of the old empire. Despite its potential, there is only one populated settlement on it’s shores: Archon Bay, the last city of man before the open sea routes to the dwarves and elves.

From Archon Bay players can journey out into the Autumn Lands, searching for adventure, fame, fortune, or power. There is little known about the wilds to the north, but a tattered tapestry on the wall of “the Siren’s Call” tavern suggests there are some places to begin the search.

  • The ruins of a castle are visible to the west of town. The map labels them as Black Drake Keep. Swamp lands will make slow going to reach the ruins, but lights at the ruins are sometimes seen from the town across the bay.
  • To the east, the map shows a river valley labeled “Toiler’s Hole” and several markings listed as ‘The Silver Mines’
  • Finally to the north, a strange marking lies in the middle of the woods. It’s label is either missing, or never entered.


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